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Q Service Castrol – Inter Cars and Castrol will extend cooperation!


Q Service Castrol is a unique combination of the experience of Inter Cars and the Castrol brand. The project has been present on the market for over 5 years and brings together nearly 600 workshops that take care of the cars of drivers across the country every day. This is a fruitful cooperation that will be continued. Both companies signed a joint agreement on this matter.
Podpisanie umowy Inter Cars i Castrol / Signing the deal Inter Cars and Castrol

Innovative approach

The Q Service Castrol network was established on the initiative of Inter Cars and has been present on the market for nearly 30 years. In 2019, the Castrol brand joined the project, supporting it with its logo and more. Both companies are leading entities on the automotive market, supporting mechanics in their daily work. The combination of experience allowed us to offer mechanics a new quality that encourages drivers to use the services of this network.

–As Inter Cars, we have extensive experience in supporting workshops and the work of mechanics. We provide them primarily with parts needed to perform repairs, but also with knowledge, software and support in business development. By initiating the Q Service Castrol project, we wanted to help mechanics translate all these benefits into the satisfaction of retail customers. The partnership with the Castrol brand strengthens the network and together we can focus on building the highest standards. I believe that this project will develop faster than the market - says Maciej Oleksowicz, President of the Management Board of Inter Cars SA.

After five years of the project's existence, representatives of both companies decided to extend their cooperation. This is important information both for the aftermarket industry and for drivers who have become familiar with and attached to the common logo of Q Service and Castrol.

- The Castrol brand wants to be close to both workshops and drivers. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, and therefore we are sure that they are what both groups need. Thanks to the partnership with Inter Cars, we have the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Q Service Castrol is a unique synergy, and our cooperation will be continued in the coming years - says Leszek Radzikowski, Member of the Management Board of Castrol CEE.

Partnership for years

- When we inaugurated the project in 2019, none of us expected what challenges we would have to face . These are very valuable experiences that strengthened both the team responsible for the development of the concept and allowed us to develop stronger relationships with website owners. As Castrol, we feel proud of what we have achieved and are optimistic about the future - says Anna Wilczewska, Marketing Manager Castrol.

Representatives of Inter Cars and the Castrol brand in March this year. signed a new agreement that binds both companies for the next 5 years. The chain intends to continue the chosen strategy of building brand awareness while transferring knowledge and competences to the workshop.

- The last 5 years have been a special time for us. We have made a huge step for the development of the entire industry. We have created a concept that combines the world of mechanics and drivers. We focused on wide-range image-building activities that attract drivers to workshops with the Q logo. It is also an impulse for the entire industry to raise standards and invest in the development of competences - adds Wojciech Twaróg, Member of the Management Board of Inter Cars.

The network still wants to develop

- Nearly 600 services throughout the country - this number must be impressive, but we do not want to slow down. We are still open to cooperation with workshops that represent appropriate quality and high level. We are constantly looking for new development opportunities, monitoring the market and analyzing what actions should be taken to bring benefits to the workshop owners - adds Marta Ciesielska, manager of Inter Cars responsible for the development of the concept.

The titular partner of the Q Service network has been the Castrol brand since the beginning of its existence. In addition, the network is also supported by Varta, Bosch, Continental, Semperit, ATE, Contitech, NRF, MILWAUKEE® and brands belonging to ZF Aftermarket - TRW, LEMFÖRDER and SACHS.

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