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MILWAUKEE® equips participants in the Young Car Mechanic contest!


The Young Car Mechanic contest, one of the most prestigious educational events in the automotive industry, is gaining strong support. MILWAUKEE® has joined the group of supporting companies and has become a technical partner of the competition.
Milwauke partner of YCM contest / Milwaukee partnerem konkursu YCM
Milwauke partner of YCM contest / Milwaukee partnerem konkursu YCM
MILWAUKEE® is a leading manufacturer of Heavy Duty power tools, portable power tools, and accessories for professional users. Since its establishment in 1924, the MILWAUKEE® brand has led the power tool industry in both durability and performance. The driving factor for MILWAUKEE®'s successive innovations over the years has been to improve the safety and productivity of the professional user, as well as strive to create a completely cordless working environment. 

For years, the Young Car Mechanic competition has promoted the profession of car mechanics among students from technical and general schools. Its international character is one of its greatest strengths, bringing together participants from different countries and cultures. It is also an initiative that helps to build a positive image of the car mechanic profession in the opinion of students and their parents. 

"We are honored that MILWAUKEE® is joining Young Car Mechanic as a partner. Their commitment to providing quality tools will be invaluable to the competition participants, enabling them to develop their skills in a dynamic garage environment," said Armands Umbraško, Young Car Mechanic project leader and coordinator.

Representatives of MILWAUKEE® also expressed their satisfaction with the partnership: 

"There is no development without competition and endless race is also ingrained in the DNA of the MILWAUKEE brand. Supporting the Young Car Mechanic competition is an honor for us, especially in cooperation with a partner like Inter Cars. In addition, it is also an opportunity to present MILWAUKEE's excellent solutions for the automotive market to young mechanics. Our brand stands for innovation, continuous development, and best-in-class products and solutions. It is therefore crucial that mechanics are not only familiar with our range from the start of their career, but know how to make the most of it. MILWAUKEE are the solutions of the future available today and, importantly, always created with a focus on the health and safety of users. This year we are celebrating 100 years on the market, but this is just the beginning, as I mentioned, this race has no end," comments Janusz Mitko, CEE Marketing Manager at MILWAUKEE.

Thanks to the commitment of its partners, Young Car Mechanic meets the expectations of young mechanics, providing them with an inspiring experience and an environment to develop their passion and skills. MILWAUKEE® joins this mission, driven by the idea of creating the future of the automotive mechanic profession. 

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