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Drivers, take care of your car - check out the Inter Cars blogs

Which engine oil should I choose? When should I change my tyres? Where can I find a trustworthy mechanic? We know that you have many more questions like these about car care. We invite you to a world where mechanics and experts are there for you, sharing their knowledge. That's why we've brought together a group of passionate car enthusiasts to create a blog space where we'll give you advice, tips, tests and, above all, information to help you take care of your car.
Are you looking for practical knowledge about parts and mechanics? Visit the Inter Cars blog. You can find tests and comparisons of different tyre types on Moto LAB. Need an approved mechanic? Thanks to the Motointegrator search engine, the biggest in Poland, you will be able to choose the right garage for you. Are you a car enthusiast? Check out Auto Fakty publications. As you can see, all roads lead to Inter Cars!